Cross My Heart

Telling someone how you really feel can be the hardest thing of all, and this selection of exquisite shorts effortlessly captures the sense of battling with your true emotions.

Michael Blyth

The Swimming Trunks

  • Director Mathilde Bayle
  • France 2013
  • 20 min

While on a family camping holiday, ten-year-old Rémi finds himself captivated by the handsome father of one of his new friends.

Kissing Drew

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  • Director Phil Connell
  • Canada 2012
  • 8 min

In a dreary middle school in the early 1990s, a shy teenager indulges in secret fantasies about the boy who bullies him.

Wandering Clouds

  • Director Julián Hernández
  • Mexico 2013
  • 12 min

Two young men find their time at the swimming pool interrupted by an aggressive spectator.

The Language of Love

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  • Director Laura Scrivano
  • Australia 2013
  • 9 min

During a French exam a teenage boy finds the words to articulate how he feels about his best friend.

Monster Mash

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  • Director Mark Pariselli
  • Canada 2013
  • 21 min

Over the course of one long Halloween night, two horror fans discover they have more in common than just a penchant for the macabre.


  • Director Alex Bohs
  • USA 2013
  • 10 min

Following a violent accident, William must find new ways to make sense of the world around him.

Total running time 80 min