A Pryor Engagement

Some Call It Loving

Cult director James B Harris’ twisted take on Sleeping Beauty.

Image from Some Call It Loving + pre-recorded intro

USA 1973
Dir James B Harris
With Zalman King, Carol White, Tisa Farrow, Richard Pryor
Digital (restoration)
Certificate 18

James B Harris directed this sordid riff on Sleeping Beauty, a clear inspiration for Eyes Wide Shut, decades before his frequent collaborator Stanley Kubrick’s swan song. Zalman King plays Robert Troy, a man who becomes obsessed with a comatose woman, brings her to his secluded castle, awakens her with a kiss, and tries to introduce her to his strange and magical world. Pryor appears as a desolate drunk, one of the few characters outside of Robert’s macabre mansion.

Please note: this film contains sexual violence.

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