But Where Are You Really From?

Shoot the Messenger

+ Q&A with director Ngozi Onwurah, hosted by T A P E’s Angela Moneke

A man denying his black identity finds himself rejected by those he aims to appease.

Image from Shoot the Messenger + Q&A

UK 2006
Dir Ngozi Onwurah
With David Oyelowo, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Daniel Kaluuya, Chiké Okonkwo

Joe, a secondary school teacher, faces a rude awakening as the identity and community he’s rejected and chastised turns against him. Faced with unemployment, filled with self-hatred and enraged by stereotypes and racist tropes he quickly spirals and finds himself living on the cold streets of London, and on a path of self-discovery.

+ Black Sheep
UK 2019. Dir Ed Perkins. 27min
On an estate run by racists, Cornelius tries to imitate the people who hate him.