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Queen of Hearts

+ intro by Sebastian Lassandro, author of ‘Pride of Our Alley: The Life of Dame Gracie Fields’

The beloved Gracie Fields stars as a lowly seamstress with big dreams of stardom.

Image from Queen of Hearts + intro

UK 1936
Dir Monty Banks
With Gracie Fields, John Loder, Enid Stamp-Taylor
Certificate U

The 1930s was Britain’s boom decade for musicals and ‘Our Gracie’ was the country’s best-loved musical star, with her popular stage act leading to a film career and a massive fan base. A mill girl born over a fish and chip shop, her combination of musical talent, humour, warmth and northern directness comes across brilliantly on screen. In this, her seventh feature, she plays a seamstress who dreams of stardom and gets a foot in the door when she meets a drunken actor (Loder). Mistaken for a rich patron, she gets into all kinds of scrapes, the highlight being a priceless comic take on the apache dance.

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