Japan 2021

A Page of Madness

Kurutta ichipeiji

A haunting, silent, modernist classic, visibly influenced by The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

Image from A Page of Madness

Japan 1926
Dir Teinosuke Kinugasa
With Masuo Inoue, Ayako Iijima, Yoshie Nakagawa
English subtitles

This haunting, modernist classic was visibly influenced by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and other groundbreaking European films of its day. With audacious experimentation and dazzling visual flair, A Page of Madness tells the story of a man who takes a job at a mental asylum to be near to his interned wife. Believed lost for nearly 50 years, and only rediscovered in the 1970s, Kinugasa’s film remains defiantly, fascinatingly unique.

The screening on Monday 15 November will feature the Alloy Orchestra score. The screening on 23 October will feature live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne.