Japan 2021

Our Neighbour, Miss Yae

Tonari no Yae-chan

A funny, bittersweet domestic drama of family life and romance by Ozu’s teacher and mentor Yasujiro Shimazu.

Image from Our Neighbour, Miss Yae

Japan 1934
Dir Yasujirô Shimazu
With Yûkichi Iwata, Chôko Iida, Yumeko Aizome, Yoshiko Okada
English subtitles

Shochiku studio’s tradition of producing understated domestic drama, exemplified by Yasujirô Ozu’s films, was pioneered by Ozu’s mentor, Yasujirô Shimazu. This subtle, charming, funny and bittersweet story of family life and romance is his representative work, a film that gives the effect (in the words of critics Joseph Anderson and Donald Richie) ‘of eavesdropping on life itself’.

Print courtesy National Film Archive of Japan.

The screening on Monday 1 November will be introduced by season co-programmer Alexander Jacoby.