Japan 2021

The Man Who Stole the Sun

Taiyô wo nusunda otoko

A brilliantly tense and darkly comic thriller that satirises Japan’s dependence on nuclear energy.

Image from The Man Who Stole the Sun

Japan 1979
Dir Kazuhiko Hasegawa
With Kenji Sawada, Bunta Sugawara, Kimiko Ikegami
English subtitles

A science teacher steals plutonium from a power station in order to build an atomic bomb, and embarks on a madcap blackmail plan. This tense and darkly comic thriller, scripted by Leonard (brother of Paul) Schrader, controversially satirised Japan’s dependence on nuclear energy and highlighted the threat of nuclear terrorism. Hasegawa, who scooped the top prize at the Yokohama Film Festival, sadly never directed another film.

Print courtesy of National Film Archive of Japan.