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The Long Goodbye

+ pre-recorded intro by Geoff Andrew, Programmer-at-Large

Altman’s updating of Raymond Chandler’s detective novel to 70s LA makes for one of his greatest movies.

Image from The Long Goodbye + intro by Geoff Andrew, Programmer-at-Large

USA 1973
Dir Robert Altman
With Elliott Gould, Nina Van Pallandt, Sterling Hayden, Mark Rydell
Certificate 18

Updating Raymond Chandler’s novel to 70s LA, Altman turned private eye Marlowe (Gould) – hired by a woman to find her novelist husband – into a shambling anachronism, his car, clothes, cat and moral values at odds with the world he inhabits. Packed with pithy cinematic and literary allusions and gags, with an incessantly prowling camera catching subtle nuances in the excellent performances, the film amply repays repeated viewings.

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