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Big screen classics

Late Spring

+ intro by Dr Jinhee Choi (King’s College London)


A gentle, insightful film from Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu about a widowed professor wanting to marry off his daughter.

Image from Late Spring + intro by Dr Jinhee Choi (King’s College London)

Japan 1949
Dir Yasujiro Oz
With Chishu Ryu, Setsuko Hara, Yumeji, Tsukioka
English subtitles
Certificate U

This wondrously gentle and insightful study of the tensions that develop, almost unnoticed, between a widowed professor and his daughter when he’s persuaded she should get married, typifies Ozu’s ‘mature’ style: a simple, largely de-dramatised story of family life; naturalistic, seemingly trivial ‘everyday’ dialogue; meticulously composed, calmly observational images shot with a static camera; and a close attention to the smallest, subtlest telling details.

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