Near the Jugular


Harmony Korine’s transgressive film set in a tornado-stricken town.

Image from Gummo

USA 1997
Dir Harmony Korine
With Jacob Sewell, Chloë Sevigny, Jacob Reynolds
Certificate 18

After a devastating tornado levels their Ohio town a group of eclectic, feral teenagers pass their days riding their bikes, playing practical jokes, sniffing glue and paying for sex. Grimly transgressive, with narrative coherence abandoned.

+ The Belovs
Russia 1992. Dir Victor Kossakovsky. 60mins. Digital. EST
Beautifully shot in black and white, this is a mesmerising, tragic and raucous documentary about a troubled Russian farming family.

Bassam & Riz: These films both do things that make you wonder, ‘You can do that in cinema?’ And then it’s like, ‘Of course, why the f*** not!? Who made the rules anyway?’