• Director

    Mario Bonnard, Nunzio Malasomma

  • With

    Luis Trenker, Clifford McLaglen, Peter Voss

  • Germany-Switzerland 1928. 117min

  • Digital (restoration)

  • English subtitles

  • With live piano accompaniment

Vertigo-sufferers beware: this prized example of the interwar ‘mountain film’ thrillingly recreates the 1865 battle between English climber Edward Whymper (Voss) and Italian rival Jean-Antoine Carrel (Trenker) to be the first to reach the summit of the Matterhorn. Marvel at Alpine athlete Trenker’s entertainingly petulant performance, the breathtaking vistas and sheer courageousness of the filmmakers – while teetering on the edge of your seat.

The screening on Thursday 6 January will be introduced by BFI curator Bryony Dixon.