Japan 2021

Early Spring


One of Ozu’s more melancholy films concerns a married office worker who embarks on an affair.

Image from Early Spring

Japan 1956
Dir Yasujirô Ozu
With Chikage Awashima, Ryô Ikebe, Keiko Kishi, Teiji Takahashi
Digital 4K
English subtitles
Certificate U

A married office worker embarks on an affair in one of Ozu’s darker, more melancholy films. Subtly shifting emphasis from home to work, Ozu strove to depict what he called ‘the pathos of the white-collar life’ and the disenchantment of middle age. ‘Even working diligently for 30 years doesn’t amount to much,’ he observed in what might be an unfairly self-deprecating self-appraisal from the veteran director.

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