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Cossacks of the Kuban

Kubanskie kazaki

Singing Soviets on the Steppe: a richly coloured Romeo and Juliet-style tale of two rival farms.

Image from Cossacks of the Kuban

Soviet Union 1949
Dir Ivan Pyrev
With Marina Ladynina, Sergei Lukyanov, Ekaterina Savinova, Vladlen Davydov
English subtitles
Certificate U

Shot by famed Russian musical director Pyrev, this is a Soviet answer to the American musicals of the 1930s and 40s. Glorifying life on the Steppe, the film uses a Romeo and Juliet-style love rivalry between chairmen of two collective farms to throw obstacles in the way of heroine Dasha and her dashing horse breeder, Nikolai.

Justine Waddell

Presented in partnership with Kino Klassika.

The screening on Mon 14 Oct will be introduced by Justine Waddell, director of Kino Klassika.


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