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American Independent: A Focus on Shirley Clarke

Brussels Film Loops

A series of joyous, almost abstract records of the American landscape and people, followed by a short made for UNICEF.

Image from Brussels Film Loops

Dirs Shirley Clarke, D A Pennebaker

A series of pithy, joyous, almost abstracted records of the American landscape and its people made for the Brussels World Fair. Running no more than 3 minutes at a time, each highly-crafted sequence demonstrates Clarke’s musical abilities with photography and editing. The lifestyles on show are thrown into relief with her United Nations polemic film Scary Time.

+ Scary Time
1960. Dirs Shirley Clarke, Robert Hughes
16min. Digital
In this suppressed UNICEF-sponsored polemic, Clarke juxtaposes school children in creepy Halloween costumes with scenes of poverty outside the USA.


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