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Call It a Classic?

A panel of distinguished film historians, critics and authors discuss how a film achieves classic status. Read more


How does a film achieve classic status? Should there be a canon of ‘great’ films? Who gets to decide what’s a classic? How can we spot the classics of the future? To mark the publication of the once-a-decade Sight & Sound Greatest Films of All Time Poll and the 20th Anniversary of the BFI Film Classics series, presenter and novelist Francine Stock will be joined by a panel of distinguished film historians, critics and BFI Film Classics authors, including critic/programmer Ben Walters; critic/author and former Head of Publishing at the BFI, Edward Buscombe; film theorist, Professor Laura Mulvey and James Bell, Features Editor of Sight & Sound to debate these questions and more, exploring the idea of the classic in cinema, and asking what relevance the term still has today.

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