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Big screen classics


Ousmane Sembène’s mischievous satire about a wealthy man who believes he’s cursed.

Image from Xala

Senegal 1975
Dir Ousmane Sembène
With Thierno Leye, Seune Samb, Myriam Niang, Seune Samb
English subtitles
Certificate U

*Unfortunately, the only 35mm print available in the UK is only fair in quality and has some scratching and dirt throughout. We hope this will not impair customer’s enjoyment of this rare chance to see Xala on the big screen.

A businessman, demonstrating his wealth by taking a third wife, suddenly finds himself impotent and suspects it’s the result of a curse. Targeting the self-importance, corruption and old-fashioned superstitions of a bourgeoisie imitating their former colonial masters, Sembène’s mischievous satire is both easy-going and barbed.

+ Borom Sarret The Wagoner
Senegal-France 1963. Dir Ousmane Sembène. 18min
Sembène’s debut (thought to be the first African film completed by a black African) is a small marvel. The story of an impoverished cart-driver sheds heart-rending light on inequalities of power and class.


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