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Doctor Who at 50

Doctor Who: Robots of Death

Leela, the Doctor’s new companion, finds herself confronted by menaces far beyond her previous experience.

BBC 1977
Directed by Michael E Briant
With Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Russell Hunter, David Bailie
Running time 100 min

We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by Tom Baker (4th Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer) and Mat Irvine (Special Effects).

Having been introduced in the previous adventure (The Face of Evil), Leela, a Sevateem warrior, is the Doctor’s new companion and she is a far cry from many of those who have gone before. A primitive force of nature, she is nevertheless intelligent in many areas and recognises the cunning value of the Doctor’s huge intelligence. However, she often resists his attempts to ‘civilise’ her, relishing the strength she finds in her own savage ways. In Chris Boucher’s Robots of Death she finds herself confronted by menaces far beyond her previous experience.

Tom Baker’s magnificent, grandiloquent performance as the fourth incarnation of the time-travelling Gallifreyan embodied much of the dash and flair of the Pertwee model, but added a sardonic humour and an ethereal otherworldliness to make it a unique creation. The longest-serving Doctor, Tom Baker is also one of the most popular and his portrayal casts a long shadow over the series, even to the present day. We hope to welcome some special guests to join us onstage when we revisit the world of the fourth Doctor.

Dick Fiddy and Justin Johnson

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