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Uprising: The Spirit of ‘68

One Plus One (aka Sympathy for the Devil)

Godard's documentary about 60s counter-culture takes us inside the studio with The Rolling Stones.

Image from One Plus One (aka Sympathy for the Devil)

UK 1968
Dir Jean-Luc Godard
Certificate 15

Art. Power. Revolution. This innovative work has it all. Made by Godard in the wake of the events of May ‘68, the film’s stated aim was to ‘subvert, ruin and destroy all civilised values.’ He attempts this by entwining footage of The Rolling Stones recording Sympathy for the Devil with surreal and provocative skits on Maoism, situationism, democracy, pornography, black power and fascism, with a cast including Anne Wiazemsky, Frankie Dymon Jr and Iain Quarrier.

The screening on Tuesday 22 May will be introduced by Alex Loftus and Mark Shiel from King’s College London.


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