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Drama She Wrote

Susan Pleat and Pat Hooker: Brenda + Susan

+ intro from Susan Pleat

A story of a resentful mother, and a story of a bedsit girl with a dark secret.

Image from Susan Pleat and Pat Hooker: Brenda + Susan


Oranges & Lemons, ITV 1973
Dir John Reardon
With Cheryl Hall, June Brown, Leslie Dwyer

Oranges & Lemons was a series of five plays set in London’s Docklands. In Brenda (the only entry written by a woman) Susan Pleat’s script focuses on a clash between a prodigal daughter and her resentful mother.

+ Susan

Rooms, ITV 1975
Dir John Nelson-Burton
With Jane Wymark, Sylvia Kay, Pauline Yates, Nigel Havers
2x 25min

Rooms was an afternoon series of individual plays each focusing on a different occupant of the rooms in a lodging house. A third of the series was written by women. In Patricia Hooker’s deceptive, powerful play we meet Susan, a bedsit girl with a dark and damaging secret.


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