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Girls Like Us

A Canterbury Tale

Powell and Pressburger’s underrated tale of the mysterious ‘glue man’ remains one of their most moving films.

Image from A Canterbury Tale

UK 1944
Dir Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
With Sheila Sim, Eric Portman, Dennis Price, Sgt John Sweet

One of Powell and Pressburger’s few box-office flops, this film was unsuccessfully recut and re-released in the USA – though many now claim it to be their masterpiece. Its propaganda element centres on a land girl’s friendship with an American soldier. Casting a non-actor lead (a real hero) is its biggest failing, although his lack of charisma is curiously harmonious with the film’s tempo and Chaucerian view of Britain.

+ Westward Ho!
UK 1940. Dir Thorold Dickinson. 8min

A charming MOI short extolling the virtues of evacuation.

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