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Michelangelo Antonioni

Red Desert

Il deserto rosso

A stunning Monica Vitti plays a distraught woman, re-examining her world.

Image from Red Desert

Italy-France 1964
Dir Michelangelo Antonioni
With Monica Vitti, Richard Harris, Carlo Chionetti
Digital 4K
English subtitles
Certificate 12A

Antonioni’s fourth consecutive film with Vitti cast her as a woman so distraught at an increasingly industrialised world that she turns for sympathy to a business associate (Harris) of her husband... Perhaps the most daringly stylised of all the director’s films, it deploys a modernist score, expressionist colour and sound design, and striking shallow-focus compositions to suggest the protagonist’s emotional and psychological turmoil.

The screening on Saturday 16 February will be introduced by Enrica Fico Antonioni.

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