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Taxi Driver

Year: 1976
Production Country: USA
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Featuring: Robert De Niro / Harvey Keitel / Jodie Foster / Albert Brooks / Cybill Shepherd
Running time: 113min
Certificate: 18

Martin Scorsese’s classic of 70s cinema, featuring Robert De Niro’s career-defining performance as Travis Bickle.


Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver defined the angst of 1970s America and Robert De Niro’s career-defining performance as Travis Bickle became the embodiment of confusion, alienation and simmering violence of the era. Bernard Herrmann’s score brings together old and new Hollywood, providing a psychologically acute counterpoint to a damaged individual driving alone through an alien landscape, as he did notably for Alfred Hitchcock in Vertigo and Psycho.

The screening on Monday 17 December will be introduced by Ian Christie


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