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Artists, Fiction and Cinema: Staging the Stuart Croft Archive

We re-perform an illustrated lecture from renowned artist Stuart Croft.

Image from Artists, Fiction and Cinema: Staging the Stuart Croft Archive

Total runtime 90min

An illustrated, personally inflected lecture first presented in 2014 by artist filmmaker Stuart Croft (1970-2015) is here re-performed and discussed by Stuart Croft Foundation trustees and artists Emma Bennett, Keira Greene and Anna Lucas. Croft’s first works used the staging, codes and production values of cinema to disrupt the gallery space, at a point in the 1990s when film and video installations became internationally visible. Croft sought to debate how this development related to his own practice and the history of underground, structuralist film. This special one-off, discursive presentation will revisit his ideas and reflect on how his archive, recently deposited with the BFI plus other archives, might be activated today. Croft’s The Stag Without a Heart (2010) will also screen.

Image from Stuart Croft Foundation


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