Mike Leigh

Who’s Who

Leigh’s hilarious swipe at the British obsession with class.

Image from Who’s Who

Play for Today, BBC 1979
Dir Mike Leigh
With Richard Kane, Joolia Cappleman, Phil Davis, Sam Kelly

Who’s Who is a hilariously class-conscious study of fawning, condescension, a yuppies’ dinner party and stockbrokers in Kensington. It’s built loosely around a knock-out performance by Richard Kane as a lower-middle-class clerk stamped with an unhealthy obsession with celebrity.

+ A Sense of History
Ch4 1992. Dir Mike Leigh. 25min
A Sense of History is a script by and with Jim Broadbent, a confessional memoir of a murderous belted earl. This is the only time Leigh directed a piece not written by himself.

+ A Running Jump
Ch4 2012. Dir Mike Leigh. With Eddie Marsan, Samantha Spiro, Lee Ingleby, Sam Kelly. 34min
Commissioned for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, and described by Leigh as ‘a film reflecting on sport in everyday life’, A Running Jump is comedy gold and boasts a fantastic cast.