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+ discussion

Featuring unseen archive of Winnie Mandela herself, Pascale Lamche’s documentary presents a complex portrait of a political figure.

Image from Winnie + discussion

France-Netherlands-South Africa 2017
Dir Pascale Lamche
English subtitles

Winnie Mandela’s rise and seeming fall from grace bear the hallmarks of epic tragedy. Intriguing, controversial and often misunderstood, she fought against Apartheid tooth and nail. While Nelson Mandela became the anti-Apartheid movement’s hero, her struggle to bring down the regime on the front lines of the conflict were often met with condemnation, both at home and internationally. Featuring unseen archival footage with Winnie herself, Pascale Lamache’s documentary presents a complex portrait of a figure who came to symbolise the oppression of her people and questions why history habitually silences strong female leaders.


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