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Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil + Discussion

The Doctor deals with a machine that (allegedly) sucks the evil from criminal minds, a mind parasite, a nerve-gas missile and his nemesis – The Master.

BBC 1971
Directed by Timothy Combe
With Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, John Levene, Roger Delgado, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin
Running time 150min + interval.
(Ep 1 colourised, Eps 2-6 colour restored)

Don Houghton’s script combines a machine that (allegedly) sucks the evil from criminal minds, a world peace conference, a mind parasite, a nerve-gas missile and the Doctor’s nemesis The Master in a complex but enjoyable story from the Dr Who/UNIT period. Following the screening we mount an on-stage event looking at the Pertwee period and in particular at the fantastic ‘colour recovery’ process that means we can screen this adventure in its original format. Massive thanks to the BBC and the Dr Who Restoration Team for making this event possible.

We are delighted to announce that our guests for this screening are Companion Katy Manning (Jo Grant), UNIT’s John Levene (Sergeant Benton) and Richard Franklin (Captain Yates), Script Editor Terrance Dicks, Director of The Mind of Evil, Tim Combe, and members of the colour restoration team.


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