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Ingmar Bergman

Torment (aka Frenzy)


A troubled student falls for a shop girl in Bergman’s intense, emotional drama.

Image from Torment (aka Frenzy)

Sweden 1944
Dir Alf Sjöberg
With Stig Järrel, Mai Zetterling, Alf Kjellin, Stig Olin
English subtitles
Certificate 12A

The first Bergman script to be filmed was this intense, characteristically anti-authoritarian story of an idealistic student (Kjellin), already troubled by the sadistic bullying by his Latin teacher (Järrel), who feels altogether lost when he falls for a shopgirl (Zetterling) who’s embroiled in a painful relationship with a mysterious stranger. Sjöberg’s occasional expressionist flourishes are counterpointed by the subtlety of Järrel and Zetterling’s performances.


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