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Michelangelo Antonioni

Antonioni Short Films (1983-2004)

A chance for you to enjoy these rarely screened documentaries from one of cinema’s finest auteurs.

Image from Antonioni Short Films (1983-2004)

Total runtime 115min

Landscapes, architecture and artworks are the focus of the wordless documentaries Return to Lisca Bianca (1983); Roma ‘90 (1989, from 12 Registi per 12 Città); Noto, mandorli, Vulcano, Stromboli, Carnevale (1992); and Sicilia (1997), which all last around eight minutes. Fotoromanza (1984) was a pop video for Gianna Nannini; Kumbha Mela (1989) is an assembly of footage Antonioni shot of the 1977 Hindu pilgrimage to the Ganges. Landscape, architecture and – by then, seemingly inevitably – female nudity are to the fore in The Dangerous Thread of Things (2004, from the portmanteau film Eros), an account of one relationship ending and another perhaps beginning. Finally, Michelangelo Eye to Eye (2004) – a meditation on mortality? – observes the director contemplating Michelangelo’s statues in St Peter’s.

The screening on Sunday 17 February will be introduced by Enrica Fico Antonioni.


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