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Ingmar Bergman

It Rains on Our Love

Det regnar på vår kärlek

An ex-con and a pregnant woman decide to make a go of it, but their relationship has so much stacked against it…

Image from It Rains on Our Love

Sweden 1946
Dir Ingmar Bergman
With Barbro Kollberg, Birger Malmsten, Gösta Cederlund
English subtitles
Certificate PG

He (Malmsten, in the first of many roles for Bergman) is just out of prison; she (Kollberg) is pregnant. Both are impoverished, but they decide to make a go of it together, only to find obstacles stacked against them. The plot’s sequence of unwelcome developments is offset by the breezy tone adopted by an omniscient narrator. An apprentice work of no little ambition and skill.


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