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Uprising: The Spirit of ‘68

Antonio das Mortes

O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro

A hired killer switches sides to stand up for the peasants in this Sergio Leone-esque film.

Image from Antonio das Mortes

Brazil-France-West Germany-USA 1969
Dir Glauber Rocha
With Mauricio do Valle, Odete Lara, Hugo Carvana
English subtitles
Certificate 18

In the arid hinterlands of north-east Brazil, a hired killer switches allegiance to side with peasants against brutal landlords. A leading light of Brazil’s Cinema Novo movement, Rocha was awarded Best Director at Cannes in 1969 for this intoxicating mix of folk songs, rhymed verse, stunning visuals and killer score. A violent anti-capitalist mythological adventure that is equal parts Sergio Leone and Antonioni – but all Brazilian.


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