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Kind Hearts and Coronets

Year: 1949
Production Country: UK
Directed by: Robert Hamer
Featuring: Dennis Price / Alec Guinness / Joan Greenwood / Valerie Hobson
Running time: 106min
Certificate: U

Deliciously dark comedy, featuring no less than eight Alec Guinnesses. Read more


Even Hitchcock couldn’t make murder this much fun. Hamer’s ageless classic challenges The Ladykillers for the title of Ealing’s blackest comedy (call it a score draw, though Kind Hearts has the higher body count). Near perfect script and direction are crowned by wondrous performances. History tends to remember Guinness’s virtuoso turn as all seven members of the lofty, aristocratic D’Ascoynes. But it’s really Price’s film: as the D’Ascoynes’ ruthless nemesis Louis he gives us surely the screen’s wittiest and most charming psychopath.


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