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Year: 1970
Production Country: USA
Directed by: Paul Morrissey
Featuring: Joe Dallesandro / Holly Woodlawn
Running time: 110min
Certificate: 18

Paul Morrissey's sensational package of sex, drugs and nudity, starring Joe Dallesandro. Read more


New York counter culture had received a sympathetic hearing from the BBFC in the case of Flesh, but Paul Morrissey’s Trash fared less well, with concern about the imminent publication of the Longford Report on Pornography ensuring that a film featuring scenes of transsexuals masturbating with beer bottles and attempted fellatio, all laced with a generally amoral ambivalence towards the drug scene, would never have easy passage through the BBFC. Certification for Trash was withheld until November 1972, and the film was still being cut as late as the 1990s.

The screening on Wed 7 Nov will be introduced by Brian Robinson


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