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African Odysseys

The Redfern Story

+ intro by Tony Warner, African Odysseys steering committee chair and Black History Walks director + discussion

Absorbing documentary profile of Australia’s National Black Theatre.

Image from The Redfern Story + intro

Australia 2014
Dir Darlene Johnson

It was not until 1967 that Australian Aborigines were recognised as human beings in their own country. In a double bill of documentary and feature drama, we explore a history of oppression and struggle. The Redfern Story is a documentary profile of Australia’s National Black Theatre, established in 1971. The first of its kind, it became a focal point for Civil Rights activism, mixing arts with Black Power politics.

+ Rabbit-Proof Fence

Australia 2002
Dir Philip Noyce
With Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Kenneth Branagh

A true-life drama about three Aboriginal girls who are forcibly taken from their families in 1931 to be trained as domestic servants as part of an official Australian government policy. They make a daring escape and embark on an epic 1,500-mile journey to get back home.

Tickets £6.50.

There is an optional Blue Room discussion following the screening.


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