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Laurel and Hardy

Block-heads + Chickens Come Home

Enjoy these hilarious squabbles in an apartment block, plus Ollie runs for mayor.

Image from Block-heads + Chickens Come Home


USA 1938
Dir John G. Blystone
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Patricia Ellis
35mm from the collection of the Library of Congress
Certificate U

World War One has ended and the armistice has been signed but nobody has thought to tell Stan – who’s been guarding his trench heroically, after his military brothers went over the top 20 years earlier. He is reunited with Ollie, who takes him home to meet his wife, but mayhem follows their every move as they squabble with the neighbours in his apartment block.

Chickens Come Home

USA 1931
Dir James W Horne
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch
Certificate U

Ollie is a mayoral candidate who finds himself up to his ears in trouble due to his earlier philandering ways. When a greedy ex threatens to blackmail him, he enlists the help of Stan to ensure that his wife doesn’t work out what’s going on, but this just makes matters worse as a farcical series of mishaps ensues.

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