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The Films of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

From the Cloud to the Resistance

Dalla nube alla resistenza

Myth meets mystery as Straub-Huillet engage with radical writer Cesare Pavese’s novels.

Image from From the Cloud to the Resistance

Italy-West Germany 1978
Dirs Straub-Huillet
With Olimpia Carlisi, Mauro Monni, Carmelo Lacorte, Mario di Mattia
English subtitles

Straub-Huillet engage with the radical mind of the Italian anti-fascist author Cesare Pavese, here drawing from his Dialogues with Leucò, grounded in Greek mythology, and his final novel, The Moon and the Bonfires, which focused on the murder of Italian partisans during World War Two. Myth meets history, while gods and men speak in their turn as Straub-Huillet fix their camera on a pastoral Italy so recently stained with blood.


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