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Lost in America

Something Wild

What happens when Jeff Daniels’ buttoned-up New York office worker meets Melanie Griffith’s mercurial Audrey?

There will be a discussion event in the Blue Room - Philosophical Screens: The Philosophy of Screwball and ‘Something Wild’ - after the screening of Something Wild on Wednesday 9 May. Free to ticket holders of Something Wild on this date (but must be booked via the box office due to limited capacity), otherwise £6.50.

Image from Something Wild

USA 1986
Dir Jonathan Demme
With Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, Ray Liotta, Leib Lensky, John Waters
Certificate 15

Jonathan Demme’s screwball, thrift-shop styled take on the ‘yuppie nightmare’ movie sees Jeff Daniels’ buttoned-up New York office worker Charlie meet Melanie Griffith’s mercurial Audrey one lunch hour, and get whisked into a riotous interstate road trip that opens his eyes to the multitude of people and places, ethnicities and cultures that make up the melting pot of America.


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