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Haunted by Cinema

A specially selected programme of chilling and mysterious artist films.

We regret that due to technical issues we are no longer able to screen The Prisoner by Rosalind Nashashibi. This will be replaced by A Woman Returns from a Journey (UK 2015. Dir Ruth Novaczek. 11 min). A mysterious woman travels through the threatening territory of film noir and the enigmas of philosophy.

Image from Haunted by Cinema

To complement our Stephen King season, we’ve selected films that harbour a violent transcendental desire to turn cinema into something ghostly and murderous, collapsing the distinction between the film and the real world. The films themselves become mysterious stalking entities preying on our flesh and haunting our minds, perhaps as an analogy of how moving image can so powerfully capture our subconscious. This programme includes: BoF (David Leister); Woman Returns from a Journey (Ruth Novaczek); The Makes (Eric Baudelaire); Outer Space (Peter Tscherkassky); and Secret Cinema (Paul Bartel).

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