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Black and Banned

Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story

Ava & Gabriel – Un historia di amor

A sensuous and profound love story about a black painter who mixes things up in a reserved Dutch town.

Image from Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story

Netherlands-France-Netherlands Antilles 1990
Dir Felix de Rooy
With Nashaira Desbarida, Cliff San-A-Jong, Theu Boermans
English subtitles

Set in late 40s Curacao, this sensuous and profound love story follows the plight of Gabriel, an artist arriving from Holland to paint a church mural. Unknown to the commissioners, he’s black – and much to their disapproval chooses a young black teacher to pose as the Virgin Mary. Certain aspects of the story that confronted racism and homophobia in colonial Antilles were censored during shooting.

The screening on Tuesday 25 September will be introduced by Gaylene Gould, BFI Head of Cinemas and Events.

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