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Playing the Bitch

The Hot Take: The B Word

Can we reclaim the word ‘bitch’? Find out in this heated debate.

We are delighted to announce that Miriam Bale (writer and programmer), Pamela Hutchinson (film critic), Be Manzini (poet and spoken word artist), Dr Agnieszka Piotrowska (filmmaker, academic and author of The Nasty Woman and the Neo Femme Fatale in Contemporary Cinema), and Virginie Selavy (film scholar) will join us for this event hosted by Anna Smith (broadcaster, Chair of the London Film Critics' Circle and host of Girls On Film podcast).

Image from The Hot Take: The B Word

Total runtime 120min

What power does a word hold? ‘Bitch’ is usually a term of contempt directed at women – but has it/can it be reclaimed? In what's likely to become a heated event, with thinkers, commentators and performers giving their take on it, we hope to address the debate head-on: is it time to re-define the word ‘bitch’?

Tickets £6.50


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