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Rosemary’s Baby

Year: 1968
Production Country: USA
Directed by: Roman Polanski
Featuring: Mia Farrow / John Cassavetes / Ruth Gordon / Ralph Bellamy / Sidney Blackmer
Running time: 137min
Certificate: 18

Mia Farrow stars as a woman who believes she has been impregnated by the Devil in Roman Polanski’s horror.

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With its inspired casting, terrific design (Richard Sylbert), camerawork (William Fraker) and score (Komeda’s last for Polanski before his untimely death), the director’s first American film was an exemplary account of Ira Levin’s thriller about a woman (Farrow) believing herself impregnated by the Devil in the guise of her husband (Cassavetes). Crucial to its success – commercial as well as artistic – is the ambiguity as to whether her fears about Satanism in Manhattan are grounded in reality or paranoia.

Please note, we will be screening a 35mm print, not Digital as listed in the Guide. The best available print has come from a Spanish distributor so the print has Spanish subtitles. We hope this will not impair your enjoyment.


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