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Ingmar Bergman

Prison (aka Devil’s Wanton)


Bergman’s highly experimental feature, with its stories within stories, is fascinating.

Image from Prison (aka Devil’s Wanton)

Sweden 1948
Dir Ingmar Bergman
With Doris Svedlund, Birger Malmsten, Eva Henning, Hasse Ekman
English subtitles
Certificate 18

A highly experimental feature shot on a paltry budget, this is nevertheless fascinating for its sophisticated structure involving stories within stories. A filmmaker’s journalist friend (Malmsten) works on a screenplay inspired by his encounters with a hapless prostitute (Svedlund), giving rise to an array of Bergman themes surrounding death, despair, the ills of the world, and the function of art.

+ Bris Soap Commercials
Sweden 1951. Dir Ingmar Bergman. 10min
During a strike that affected the Swedish film industry in 1951, Bergman – none too wealthy, and with three families to support – accepted a commission to shoot some short ads for Bris soap. His approach was imaginative and playful, and one of the spots featured the screen debut of a 15-year-old Bibi Andersson.


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