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Ingmar Bergman

From the Life of the Marionettes

Aus dem Leben der Marionetten

A horrible crime is seen from multiple perspectives in Bergman’s thought-provoking film.

Image from From the Life of the Marionettes

West Germany 1980
Dir Ingmar Bergman
With Robert Atzorn, Christine Buchegger, Martin Benrath, Rita Russek
English subtitles
Certificate 18

Bergman’s one fully-German film starts with a businessman killing a prostitute; the chapters in the subsequent non-linear narrative – variously centred on the murderer’s wife, his psychiatrist friend, his mother and other associates – constitute a Laingian case-history that attempts to ’explain’ the crime (while acknowledging that’s not possible). Brilliantly executed from beginning to autobiographically-inspired end, it’s one of Bergman’s most underrated achievements.


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