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Big screen classics

Suddenly, Last Summer

Tennessee Williams’ heady melodrama is played brilliantly by Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Katharine Hepburn.

Image from Suddenly, Last Summer

USA-UK 1959
Dir Joseph L Mankiewicz
With Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, Mercedes McCambridge
Digital 4K
Certificate 15

Scripted by Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams from the latter’s play, this sees Clift as a promising young doctor observing a disturbed young woman who’s seemingly traumatised after the death of her cousin, and whose aunt believes she should undergo brain surgery. Set in 30s New Orleans, Suddenly, Last Summer is a heady brew that reflects the psychological turmoil of the hospitalised patient.

The screening on Wed 18 Sep will be introduced by Simon McCallum, BFI National Archive Curator.


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