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Pink Flamingos

Year: 1972
Production Country: USA
Directed by: John Waters
Featuring: Divine / Mink Stole / Edith Massey
Running time: 107min
Certificate: 18

John Waters's hymn to all things disgusting, starring Divine as "the filthiest person in the world". Read more


‘Who are these people? Where do they go when the sun goes down? Isn’t there a law or something?’ Trash maestro John Waters revelled in the outrageous notoriety of his midnight movies such as Female Trouble, Desperate Living and this ode to pantomime filth which includes chicken sex and the ingestion of dog faeces. Debate still rages about the merits (or otherwise) of Pink Flamingos, which presented problems for the BBFC in relation to both possible obscenity charges and infringements of the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act, 1937.


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