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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Year: 2008
Production Country: UK-USA
Directed by: Mark Herman
Featuring: Asa Butterfield / Vera Farmiga / David Thewlis
Running time: 94min
Certificate: 12A

The son of a SS officer befriends a boy in a concentration camp in Mark Herman's disturbing children's film. Read more


Based on John Boyne’s novel about the forbidden friendship between the eight-year-old son of a concentration camp commandant and a young Jewish prisoner, this bold WWII drama attempts (like its source material) to address an extremely disturbing real-life issue in a manner that will be acceptable to younger audiences. Rated 12A ‘for scenes of Holocaust threat and horror’, the film raises questions about the classification of upsetting images for children, and the parental responsibility of ‘advisory’ classification.


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