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Silent cinema

Love’s Crucible

+ intro by BFI curator Bryony Dixon

Vem dömer

This little-known gem from 1922 features creepy monks, burning ‘witches’ and sumptuous renaissance settings.

Image from Love’s Crucible + intro by BFI curator Bryony Dixon

Sweden 1922
Dir Victor Sjöström
With Jenny Hasselqvist, Ivan Hedqvist, Gösta Ekman, Knut Lindroth
English subtitles
With live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne

A special treat for Halloween is Sjöström’s little-known gem, which supplies sumptuous renaissance settings, martial hatred, creepy monks peddling poison and a great ‘burn the witch’ moment. The reputation of this ‘Catholic noir’ has been based on years of people repeating indifferent contemporary reviews rather than a re-evaluation with an audience – here is your chance to be part of its rehabilitation.

See a panel discussion on women in silent comedy.


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