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Nineties: Young Cinema Rebels


TV writer Danny Boyle’s script takes a gritty look at love among the underclass.

Image from Meat + Zinky Boys Go Underground

Screen One. BBC 1994
Dir John Madden
With Johnny Lee Miller, John Simm, Sarah Jane Potts

When Play for Today ended in 1984, Screen One and Screen Two provided a new home for political and social dramas, now shot on film rather than taped in the studio. With Meat, Danny Boyle (writer on the BBC Scotland TV show Hamish MacBeth, not the Trainspotting director) created a script that takes a gritty look at love among the underclass. Myra is a teen prostitute and Charlie is a recently released young offender; together they begin an affair ‘amid the sleaze of London street-life’. And Myra’s jealous pimp is not amused.

+ Zinky Boys Go Underground

Screen Two. BBC 1994
Dir Paul Tickell
With Dmitri Shevchenko, Olga Rodina, Natasha Bain

This thriller provides a chilling insight into the damaged psyche of Russian soldiers returning home from Afghanistan. Andrei is the drug-crazed leader of the ‘Zinky Boys’, who make a living on the black market in the underground railway, where a serial killer is on the loose...

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