Mike Leigh


+ Q&A with Mike Leigh and Alexis Zegerman

Poppy is a teacher with a joy for life, despite everything it throws at her.

Image from Happy-Go-Lucky + Q&A with Mike Leigh

UK 2008
Dir Mike Leigh
With Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan, Alexis Zegerman, Karina Fernandez
Certificate 15

Sally Hawkins is outstanding as Poppy, the relentlessly optimistic primary school teacher who doesn’t allow herself to be brought down by the bad behaviour and challenging views of those around her – including Scott (Marsan), who is simmering, opinionated and difficult, and her judgmental sister, who can’t accept Poppy’s sunny disposition at face value. This is Leigh at his best – funny, raw, uncomfortable and truthful.

We are delighted to announce that Mike Leigh will be joined by cast member Alexis Zegerman for the Q&A following this screening.

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