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In Search of Oz

Insightful BBC documentary examining the enduring interest in the Land of Oz, followed by a panel discussion.

Arena. BBC 1994
Dir Brian Skeet
Running time 60min

Oz: The Tin Woodman’s Dream

USA 1960
Directed by Harry Smith
Running time 14min extract

The BBC’s insightful, richly illustrated and elegantly crafted documentary examines the enduring interest in the Land of Oz, with contributions from noted admirers like Salman Rushdie and Gore Vidal. Paired with dazzling and tantalising fragments of an intended (but sadly never fully realised) feature-length psychedelic animation by 1960s underground luminary Harry Smith, confirming the abundant fertility of Baum’s Oz and its durability in inspiring such a diverse range of filmmakers.

This screening will now be introduced by writer Geoff Ryman.


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