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Big screen classics

Day of Wrath

Vredens dag

Supernatural superstition and sensual, earthly passion collide in this tale of love’s torment.

Image from Day of Wrath

Denmark 1943
Dir Carl Theodor Dreyer
With Lisbeth Movin, Thorkild Roose, Preben Lerdorff Rye
English subtitles
Certificate PG

Denmark, the 17th century: an elderly parson, recently cursed by someone he sent to the stake, marries the daughter – roughly the same age as his own son – of another woman suspected of witchcraft. Making brilliant use of ambivalence and stylistic austerity, Dreyer brings both supernatural superstition and sensual, earthly passion into play to create an intense tale of love’s torments that’s simultaneously tender and harsh.

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The screening on Wednesday 11 July will be introduced by Geoff Andrew, Programmer-at-large.


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